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5 Reasons to Improve Your Vision Naturally

As someone who has treated their myopia and astigmatism naturally, I wanted to explain my top 5 reasons to improve your vision naturally.

Most people who turn to eye exercises are highly motivated to improve their vision. They’re either sick and tired of wearing glasses, or their vision has gotten so bad it’s ruining their vision health and their quality of life.

However, what if you haven’t had that epiphany yet? What if you’ve accepted the fact that you have to wear glasses and can’t really be bothered to do anything about it? There are actually some very important reasons you should seriously think about rebuilding your natural vision…

1. You don’t have to wear glasses or contact lenses any more.

dont-wear-glassesWell, duh. This is the key driver for most people. Wearing glasses is something that everyone with poor vision eventually becomes accustomed to – but only because they feel they have no choice.

When you wear glasses, you put up with all the hassles that come with it. You can’t play contact sports. You can’t kiss someone without getting all smudged up. You can’t see in the rain. They steam up when you walk indoors on a cold day. Your glasses break and get squashed. They fly off your face on rollercoasters. They require constant wiping. They create greasy dent marks in your nose.

The practicalities of wearing glasses are just really annoying. Only speccies will truly understand how wearing glasses all day affects your quality of life.

Some people choose contact lenses instead. Are they any better than glasses? Well, no – they come with a whole host of their own problems. They are expensive, require cleaning, take time to put in / take out every day, can cause dryness and itchiness, and can even cause bacterial eye infections. They’re also not for everyone – many of us are quite squeamish when it comes to sticking foreign objects on our eyeballs!

So, wearing glasses or contacts sucks. With natural vision improvement you can seriously reduce or altogether eliminate your dependence on lenses. This saves you a heap of money and improves your day-to-day quality of life.

2. You lose the social stigma of being a nerd.

glasses-make-children-feel-nerdyMost people are diagnosed with myopia when they are still in school, when their sense of self is just developing and they are highly vulnerable to judgment by their peers. In China, a massive 76% of lower middle school students are already nearsighted. (Thankfully, education officials now see to it that Chinese students perform eye exercises twice a day in order to tackle this myopia epidemic.)

When I was growing up I hated the fact that I had to wear glasses. I was issued my first giant atrocious pink pair of specs when I was 10 years old and I actually refused to wear them full time until I was 16 and started my first part-time job. Instead I would whip them out to read the blackboard at school, then quickly take them off again. I preferred to live in a blurry world than be judged by my schoolmates for being a nerd.

When you’re grown up and have a healthy self-image, the idea of being a nerd isn’t a big deal anymore. In fact, it’s self-assuring. It contributes to your identity. I am quite happy to admit I have nerdish qualities now but when I was a kid this simply made me feel freakish, uncool and lowered my self-esteem.

So it really doesn’t help to make your kid wear glasses during these crucial years of self development. In an ideal world you could teach them to be confident about their individuality and their personality quirks. But let’s face it – kids can be shy and embarrassed about themselves, and the last thing most of them want is to be labeled as different, or be tarred with the stigma of being nerdy.

As soon as your child or teenager is diagnosed with poor vision, get them to begin eye exercises and you may prevent their vision from deteriorating over the coming years. You may even save them from wearing glasses for life!

3. You’ll entrain better vision habits for life.

better-vision-habitsWhen you begin doing eye exercises, you engage in a new set of vision habits and train your eyes to see clearly every day.

Eye exercises don’t just take place for 20 minutes each day while you have a break at your desk. They become part of your lifestyle, in which you consistently remember to focus properly and relieve your eyes of near-point stress while reading books or doing close-up work. This is vital is you are going to maintain your healthy vision for the rest of your life.

So even when you finish the vision training course, you’ll naturally be training your eyesight to stay in shape for years to come. You’ll have acquired the healthy vision habits that appear to come naturally to other people with 20/20 vision, and you’ll seriously help prevent your eyesight from deteriorating in future.

This is the opposite of slapping on a pair of prescription lenses every day which, as scientific studies have shown, actually make your natural vision worse.

4. You’ll reduce your risk of serious eye diseases later in life.

glaucoma-3Bad vision now can lead to potentially blinding eye diseases later in life – such as glaucoma (pictured right) – which in turn are costly and painful to cure (if it can be cured at all; glaucoma is not reversible).

Wearing glasses merely disguises the fact that you have poor vision. They do absolutely nothing to improve your vision naturally. And this is of major concern.

In fact, nearly one-third of people who wear lenses full time end up with one or more serious eye diseases by the time they are 70 years old. That’s because of the knock-on effects of having weakness in the structure and function of your eyes. The only known way to address this problem is to improve your natural eyesight now while you still have the chance.

5. You won’t have to spend money or take risks on LASIK.

lasikUntil recently, LASIK was an artificial form of eyesight correction for anyone who didn’t mind lasers and had a few thousand dollars to spare. However, new evidence has emerged which reveals LASIK to be far riskier – both in the short term and the long term – than anyone thought.

In 2010, Morris Waxler, one of the FDA officials who oversaw the original trials, admitted it isn’t nearly as safe as we think it is. There are actually many side effects that go unreported as well as long term risks such as corneal abrasion, haze, astigmatism, overcorrection, undercorrection and further vision deterioration. Even with LASIK, there is still a risk that you will need to wear glasses full time after having the surgery.

For the low down on this type of eye surgery, see The Dangers of LASIK.

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