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How to Improve Night Vision

Is it possible to improve your night vision with eye exercises and eye vitamins? There are numerous techniques which may enhance your night vision in the short term, as well as supplements which may help you see better in the dark. This article explores some of the most popular methods available.

How to Improve Your Night Vision

1. Avoid Bright Light – it takes half an hour for your eyes to fully adapt to the darkness, so avoid bright lights in that time as they will hinder your progress.

2. Use Peripheral Vision – take in everything around you and not just the object you are focusing on. This will also help sharpen your natural daytime vision.

3. Keep Scanning – otherwise your eyes will adapt to whatever light source is available at the point of your focus.

4. Identify Shapes – pick out shapes, contours and movement, rather than colors. Humans are almost completely colorblind in the dark.

5. Save One Eye – if you have to go into a light area, keep one eye tightly closed. This will preserve your night vision in at least one eye.

6. Get Low Down – ninjas were taught to get lower than the object they’re trying to see, so it is backlit by any light source (such as the moon or street lights).

7. Shut Your Eyes – the elite forces are taught to squeeze their eyes tightly shut for 10 seconds on entering a dark area, although this may be a purely psychological effect.

8. Eat a Sugar Cube – Soviet special forces in WWII were taught to eat a sugar cube then shine a red-filtered light in their eyes for 10 seconds. This is because night vision is dependent on blood sugar levels.

9. Eye Vitamins – can make up for deficiencies in the diet, feeding essential nutrients to help the eye function at its best. Grab a free bottle of Ocu Plus eye vitamins and see the difference it makes.

10. Eye Exercises – a daily routine of eye exercises can dramatically improve your night vision – and your day time vision – with a course like Rebuild Your Vision. This program is based on a range of eye exercises designed to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, aging vision and astigmatism.

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