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Rebuild Your Vision FAQ

vision-training-faqThis website is here to provide you with an insight into natural vision improvement through eye exercises.

Of all the eye exercise courses available, I recommend Rebuild Your Vision because I think it is the simplest and most effective.

Below are the most frequently asked questions on this particular program, based on my own research and input from the course creator, Orlin Sorensen.

What is Rebuild Your Vision?

Launched in 2002, Rebuild Your Vision is a vision training program that has sold many thousands of copies worldwide. It is designed to help people to improve their vision safely and naturally without glasses, contacts, or laser eye surgery.

Who created the course?

The program was created by Orlin Sorensen after he did extensive research into vision training to correct his own natural vision so he could become a fully qualified fighter pilot. He successfully translated the original eye exercises pioneered by Dr William H Bates in the early 20th century into a modern eye exercise course, and named it Rebuild Your Vision. He has since received countless emails from customers sharing their thanks and successes with the program.

Who is it designed for?

The acclaimed vision training program was designed for anyone with:

  1. Nearsightedness (Myopia)
  2. Farsightedness (Hyperopia)
  3. Aging Vision (Presbyopia)
  4. Astigmatism

Eye exercises are designed to address a wide range of refractive errors – from mild conditions (1-3 diopters of lens correction) to extreme eyesight problems (6 diopters of correction and beyond). However it is not designed to treat cataracts, glaucoma, strabismus or any other serious structural eye disorder.

How does the course work?

Rebuild Your Vision is based on the principle first established by Dr William H Bates that the main causes of blurred vision are:

  • Near point stress (caused by computers, reading and modern living)
  • Full time use of prescription glasses and contacts lenses
  • The natural aging process which causes the hardening of the lens

All of these contribute to your vision becoming weak and distorted. Rebuild Your Vision was designed to strengthen your eyes just as you would any other weak part of your body, enabling you to see clearly without glasses once again.

How do eye exercises work?

Rebuild Your Vision achieves results through a series of optical drills and eye exercises for 25 minutes per day. It aims to stimulate integral components of the eye in a manner that would never be achieved through normal daily use.

Within days or weeks, you can notice improvements in your natural vision. Things can begin to appear much crisper and sharper. Depending upon how bad your vision problems are to begin with, it may take just one month or several months to reach your vision goals, but many people agree the results are worthwhile.

Do I have to do eye exercises forever?

Once you have achieved your vision goals you will need to perform the exercises once or twice a month to maintain your 20/20 vision. For many people, 20 minutes per month is a very small price to pay for healthy vision.

You will also learn 8 healthy vision habits in addition to the eye exercises that can help prevent eyesight deterioration and help preserve your vision in future.

Can I keep wearing my glasses during vision training?

The first goal of the Rebuild Your Vision training program is to prevent further deterioration and reduce your dependency on glasses or contact lenses. So you must either stop wearing your glasses (and only wear them when you really need them, such as driving) or switch down to an old pair with a weaker prescription.

If you are concerned, Rebuild Your Vision has some good advice for this transition phase. And remember, it is only a transition phase because the program is designed to improve your vision relatively quickly over the coming weeks.

The second goal is to improve your vision to a desired level (for most people this is 20/40 vision or better). While your vision is improving you may need to obtain a weaker lens prescription so that your current glasses don’t overcompensate for your vision improvement. It really depends how much you can go glasses-free.

For more information, see the following article on attaining weaker glasses.

Will it work for me?

The only way you can prove this to yourself is by doing it. Just like any exercise program, you must show commitment in order to reap the benefits. Since the course is 100% risk free, you have nothing to lose by giving it a shot.

To give yourself the best possible chance of success, set aside 25 minutes every day to do the eye exercises in a calm environment. It is also critical that you follow the good vision habits and avoid any kind of excessive eye strain during the vision training. Relaxation after every session is key.

If you are not blown away by the results of Rebuild Your Vision, you have one full year to return it and claim a refund of the purchase price, including shipping and handling. It genuinely is 100% risk free.

What if I use the computer a lot?

Whatever your lifestyle, Rebuild Your Vision will teach you new vision care habits which will help you overcome the near point stress of using a computer for many hours per day.

Is it true you can change the shape of your eyeball?

People who are nearsighted (known as myopics) have developed a longer eyeball as a result of their condition, which causes images to focus on front of the retina, rather than directly on it. This is not the cause of nearsightedness, but rather a direct result of habitual eye strain, in which the eyeball has become deformed to compensate for the near point stress. If you can prevent the eye strain and retrain the eye muscles to focus correctly, the eyeball returns to a normal shape.

The same is true for farsightedness, in which the eyeball becomes shorter and the images focus behind the retina. In astigmatism, it is the cornea which changes shape, usually as a result of a longer eyeball caused by myopia. So the simple cure for astigmatism is to cure any myopia first so the cornea can correct itself.

Do you ship internationally?

Rebuild Your Vision has a worldwide customer base, including the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. If you have the delivery service available in your country, it can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Can children use this course?

Numerous children have successfully used Rebuild Your Vision – as long as they are consistent in their efforts and can understand your instruction. This should be easily possible from the age of 10 (or younger if your child is conscientious). Vision training does take concentration and persistence, so only you can judge how well your child can cope with these demands. As always, consult your optometrist or ophthalmologist before starting your child on any vision improvement program.

What makes Rebuild Your Vision different from others?

There are several major benefits that Rebuild Your Vision offers over all other natural vision improvement programs:

  1. Effectiveness – Rebuild Your Vision provides you with the most effective optical eye exercises we know of. They have devoted their efforts to creating powerful routines designed to counteract nearsightedness, farsightedness, aging vision and astigmatism.
  2. 100% Guaranteed – Rebuild Your Vision offers the strongest guarantee on the market. Customers can use the program for one whole year – risk free. If you are not happy for any reason whatsoever, simply drop it back in the mail and they’ll refund you 100% of the purchase price.
  3. Third Party Results – The program has been tried and tested by independent third parties, who publicly documented “before and after” vision improvement results. This includes an independent optometrist and the US Navy. This makes it a most credible course.
  4. Range of Techniques – The program includes 8 optical exercises and 7 different vision improvement techniques, so you can tailor your daily eye exercise routine to your specific vision disorder.


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