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Case Study: Christopher Lovejoy

Here’s a case study sent in by reader Christopher Lovejoy who discovered eye exercises through this website…

eye-exercise-case-study“After spending $340 for another annual supply of contact lenses, I was feeling disappointed with the trial pair that I was wearing. I was not happy with their lack of clarity when it came to reading up close.

The optician told me to wear the new contacts for a few days to allow for adjustments. I did as I was told, but the problem persisted. I wondered why I couldn’t get clarity with these new contacts when I could get it by wearing my old prescription glasses.

I did an online search to figure out how to solve this problem, which led me to this wonderfully informative site on how to improve your vision naturally. I read almost everything she wrote, impressed by her practical, down-to-earth, and no-nonsense style of delivery.

Best of all, she inspired me to consider Rebuild Your Vision.

I went to the site for Rebuild Your Vision, signed up for the newsletter, soaked up the content on the sales page, and read the testimonials.

Orlin Sorensen, the author of Rebuild Your Vision, impressed me as someone who was motivated to improve his vision naturally. Using his method of vision improvement, he qualified as a Navy jet fighter pilot with close to 20/20 uncorrected vision in both eyes. He seemed very credible to me.

But I wondered: could his method work for my moderately severe case of myopia? At -6.75/-7.50 for my left and right eyes, respectively, could I even consider myself a candidate for his vision improvement program?

I poured through the testimonials on his site. I was more than a little impressed by the number of success stories of people who had improved their vision using his method, but I was elated when I read that someone had achieved improvements with moderately severe myopia.

Within half an hour of landing on the site for Rebuild Your Vision, I was sold. I downloaded the material and went straight to it. I read the manual, and felt confident with the promise it held. Within days, I returned my contacts for a $340 refund and my recently purchased bottle of lens cleaner for a $30 refund.

For 8 weeks, every morning, I followed the training routine from Rebuild Your Vision for my nearsightedness and astigmatism.

I’ve been wearing glasses or contacts for over 35 years. Within two months of beginning eye exercises, I went from wearing contacts at -6.75/-7.50 to wearing my current pair of glasses at -5.25/-5.75 for my left and right eyes, respectively.

Here are my prescriptions to prove it:


This weaker prescription was the result of modest improvements that I made through my own efforts with Rebuild Your Vision, plus a calculated reduction in prescription strength by an optometrist who supports vision therapy. This reduction is enough to provide stimulation for further improvement, while allowing me to drive legally and do close reading.

As for my astigmatism, my current understanding is that it will resolve naturally as my prescription strength is reduced over time. At present, and with the recommendation of my optometrist, I have no correction for astigmatism in my new glasses. I must admit it’s noticeable, but it’s also manageable.

I paid only $27 for my current pair of weaker glasses online, which I only expect to have for another 8 to 10 weeks as I improve my vision. With a $12.95 international shipping fee, I paid less than $40 for my pair of glasses.

This pricing for eyeglasses makes Rebuild Your Vision cost-effective for those who have more severe vision challenges (and who would like to continue to reduce their prescription strengths over time), in comparison to getting high-priced glasses, contacts, or surgery.

Ultimately, I aim to restore my vision to 20/20 without correction.

In the meantime, I’m keen to get my uncorrected vision at or below -6.00/-6.00, as this is the clinical
threshold of being at risk for retinal detachment. I’ve already successfully done this for my left eye.

Here are a few tips that I’ve found helpful to keep me going:

  1. Do the exercises daily; mornings are best, when your eyes are fresh. I use a small electronic timer to pace myself through the vision exercises.
  2. Find an optometrist who supports vision therapy; with a prescription of less than 20/20, your eye muscles will have a chance to work a little harder and prevent them from getting lazy.
  3. If you work a lot at a computer, the near-point stress will weaken your eyes; increase the font size on your screen (hold down Ctrl key on your keyboard and apply the scroll button on your mouse) and be sure to use the vision defense software provided with Rebuild Your Vision.

In closing, I wish you all the best in your efforts to improve your vision!”

Many thanks to Christopher for taking the time to tell his story.

He began eye exercises with quite a severe form of myopia (plus astigmatism) and it is great to see that the vision training is just as effective for him.

Learn more about these eye exercises in my review of the Rebuild Your Vision course.

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