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Improve Your Vision Naturally with Eye Exercises

Advice on Natural Vision Improvement for Sufferers of Nearsightedness, Farsightedness, Aging Vision and Astigmatism

Welcome to Improve Vision Naturally, a place to learn how to improve your eyesight to the natural 20/20 focus you had once before.

If you wear glasses or contacts – or are considering LASIK eye surgery to improve your vision – why not give eye exercises a chance first? Whether you suffer from nearsightedness, farsightedness, aging vision or astigmatism… help is here.

How Eye Exercises Improve Vision Naturally

Now that you know what’s possible, I’ll explain how it all works.

Over the coming days and weeks, you’ll learn to relieve your eyes of the constant near-point stress caused by wearing glasses and having poor vision habits.

I’ll show you eye exercises to strengthen your natural focus and accommodate faster, retraining your eyes to see clearly – just like when you were younger.

Performing these vision exercises will encourage your ciliary eye muscles to relax, your eyeballs to return to a non-stressed state, and your near and distance focus to function smoothly and correctly.

This is not mind-over-matter of any kind of fluffy New Age technique. The exercises are based on real scientific observations (see below) and are taught by behavioral optometrists around the world. While regular optometrists prefer to sell you glasses or contacts (the “band-aid” solution) there are courses out there which have been used by tens of thousands of people to improve their vision.

And when you see your eyesight improve I encourage you to have a professional eye test and have your improved vision verified, just like I did.

My Eyesight Epiphany

I was diagnosed with nearsightedness (myopia) at 13 years old. By the time I was 16 I had also developed astigmatism as a result of being nearsighted. It was a continuous downhill journey for me.

Then, at 25, I made the bad decision to undergo laser eye surgery in the hope of having perfect vision. It improved my vision but it came at a cost of side effects – it gave me dry eyes to the point where I had to put in eye drops twice a day even after a year, and it also caused halos that never resolved.

I still wanted to improve my vision, and since LASIK didn’t quite do what it promised me (I still had leftover prescription even after paying $4000 for the surgery), I started looking online for alternative ways of improving my vision. That’s when I discovered eye exercises and how they had helped so many people.

So I invested about $100 for an entire eye exercise program, which was only 2.5% of what it cost me to undergo LASIK.

Within weeks of starting the exercises, I had officially decreased my prescription by 0.25 diopter. That provided all the motivation I needed to push on and aim to reduce my prescription to zero.

I wish I had known about eye exercises before I went under the laser!

I was amazed. Why had no-one told me about eye exercises before? Once I realized they really work, I started spreading the word to my family and friends, especially those considering LASIK. I asked them to give eye exercises a chance before doing the surgery that can permanently damage their eyes.

I still choose to practice the same exercises almost every day.

Going Public

This website was first created in 2008 by Rebecca Turner who improved her eyesight from needing glasses of -3.00 (20/150) to -1.00 (20/40) and completely got rid of her astigmatism using the eye exercise program.

She knew most people would be skeptical about her claims, so she spent a long time researching natural vision improvement and the scientific principles behind it.

The information is presented on this website, with scientific studies, first-hand results, case studies and links to offsite testimonials.

In the spring of 2013 I took over the website and I will continue to add new articles and natural vision facts so more people hear about it.

I hope this gives you the motivation you need to give your own eyesight a fighting chance. Tens of thousands of people have already done it with online eye exercise courses and are sharing their results too. Don’t let tired beliefs and misconceptions stop you trying something new – give eye exercises a chance!

Your Eyesight is Flexible… It Can Be Re-Trained

Just as your natural focus adapts to wearing lenses, vision training is based on the idea that your eyesight can also adapt to life without lenses.

With eye exercises, you can re-train your natural focus, undoing the years of near-point stress caused by wearing glasses. It all begins with choosing a reputable eye exercise program and sticking to it. Here’s what I recommend:

improve-your-vision-with-eye-exercisesRebuild Your Vision

In my story, I explain my experience with eye exercises so far.

The course I used is called Rebuild Your Vision and it is probably the most popular course on the net. It was created by a pilot named Orlin Sorensen after he improved his natural vision from 20/80 to 20/20 so he could join the Navy. (Strict health regulations meant he needed perfect vision without glasses or surgery in order to fly fighter planes.)

Orlin compiled the course based on extensive research from original optometry books and resources on eye exercises. There is a lot to be said for bringing this information into the mainstream in a clear and comprehensive way. Besides providing all the tools you’ll need, he shares the very best techniques that work for nearsightedness, farsightedness, aging vision and astigmatism.

In making this website, I reviewed as many eye exercise programs as I could get my hands on. Orlin’s remains the most impressive one I’ve found. It’s the only course I recommend – so be sure to check out my full review.

Please bookmark this website and share it with your friends and family who wear glasses or contacts. This information could change their lives.

Improve Vision Naturally

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