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Improve Your Vision Training With Weaker Glasses Online

When you’re doing eye exercises, it’s important that you either stop wearing your glasses for as much as you can, or you step down to a weaker prescription.

This is to reduce the near point stress that may be caused by wearing lenses, and to encourage your eyes to function properly without becoming addicted to lenses.

  • Weak to moderate correction – If you need a correction of about 3 diopters or less, you can probably get away with going glasses-free most of your day. It will feel weird at first and the whole world will seem blurry, but you may be surprised at how quickly you acclimatize. Importantly, though, you must still wear full prescription glasses for dangerous tasks like driving.
  • Moderate to strong correction – If you are corrected by more than 3 diopters, then it might be too difficult to go without glasses. Rebuild Your Vision recommends you get a weaker prescription. I went with the online retailer 39 Dollar Glasses which provide really cheap glasses so you wont break the bank while going through weaker pairs.

The Safe Way to Self Prescribe

When I say self-prescribe, I’m definitely not talking about guessing your prescription or performing a homemade eye test!

Obtaining weaker glasses is a safe and widely-practiced method among vision training professionals to prevent your eyes from being overpowered with unnecessarily strong lenses. It also encourages your eyes to focus better without full strength lenses, which is an essential way to improve your vision naturally.

Improve Vision Naturally

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