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Are Eye Exercises a Scam?

are-eye-exercises-a-scamNearly everyone who first encounters the idea of vision training asks: are eye exercises a scam? Certainly, for anyone with poor eyesight, the idea of having clear vision without glasses seems too good to be true. And if eye exercises are real, why doesn’t everyone do them? These are important questions.

When I first discovered eye exercises, I couldn’t believe they worked either. But I was also so frustrated with wearing glasses for my myopia and astigmatism, I was pretty desperate to try anything.

(Anything except LASIK that is – I’ll admit to being terrified of anything going into my eyes. I was never able to wear contact lenses either.)

So when I found eye exercises I felt compelled to give it a go.

My Eye Exercise Trial

Eye exercises had the potential to change my life… if they worked.

I purchased a vision training course called Rebuild Your Vision which required me to do 20 minutes of eye exercises each day, with 5 minutes of relaxation afterwards. I was committed to giving it my best shot.

At the start, my eyesight was worse than ever. My prescription was -3.25 diopters (left eye) and -3.00 diopters (right eye) and I had a moderate degree of astigmatism. In other words, I had 20/150 vision. Healthy people could read road signs at 150 feet away, while I could only read them at 20 feet.

However, by the third day of doing eye exercises, I saw the first noticeable effects. I was sitting in my living room without my glasses on and suddenly realized I could read book titles from across the room!

That was the first sign that something was changing.


As the days went by, my natural eyesight gradually improved. I refrained from wearing my glasses as much as possible, forcing my eyes to work on their own again.

Soon, I could make out the leaves on the trees and read movie credits without my glasses.

For obvious safety reasons, I still wore my glasses to drive. But this began giving me pounding headaches… and I felt like I was going cross-eyed.

I took this as my cue to get a new eye test done and see what was really going on with my eyesight…

“Your Glasses Are FAR Too Strong Now!”

I went to the optometrist and got a professional eye test. Twenty minutes of agonizing “E… O… Z… M…. Left… Left… Right…. 1… 2…” You know the drill.

Finally, she gave me the result: “Your glasses are far too strong now!”

These words were music to my ears. My vision had improved by 1.00 diopter in each eye – and my glasses prescription was officially cut in half.

Because you wear glasses, you’ll know that this sort of thing NEVER happens. Normally your eyesight only ever stays the same or gets worse, meaning a stronger prescription and more money spent on new glasses.

But now my prescription was reduced for the first time ever – and it was all down to Rebuild Your Vision’s eye exercise training.

My next visit to the optometrist, a few weeks later, showed further improvement. My new prescription came out weaker still (-1.25/-1.00) with zero astigmatism. To put that another way, my natural eyesight had improved from 20/150 to 20/40 doing Rebuild Your Vision’s eye exercises.

And the routines had completely cured my astigmatism of 10 years.

I now had just about the weakest myopic lenses available (they don’t make them any weaker than -1.00 diopters) to wear for driving only.

I was over the moon…

Now I can enjoy sunny days without the persistent glare from prescription lenses. I can go about my life confident of how I look without the nerd-factor (even if it IS in my own head). And I feel good knowing I’m in control of my own vision health. Even if my eyesight deteriorates as I get older I can still correct it using the aging vision routines in Rebuild Your Vision.

Above all, thank god I didn’t have to push myself into going through the pain, risks and expenditure of LASIK laser eye surgery to get me there.


Are eye exercises a scam? Not in my experience. And I’m confident others can benefit too. According to Rebuild Your Vision, the majority of poor vision is caused by typical refractive errors, caused by bad vision habits and chronic eye strain. Eye exercises teach you to undo these habits and get your eyesight back into shape, so that you can see clearly without glasses.

I think everyone should be encouraged to try this cheaper, safer and more natural method of vision improvement to create better vision for life…

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