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Pinhole Glasses – Can You Improve Vision with Pinhole Eye Glasses?

buy-pinhole-glassesPinhole glasses make use of the “pinhole effect” – allowing you to focus clearly without your regular glasses or contact lenses.

It works by blocking excessive light rays into the eye, achieving a similar effect as squinting (but without the strain). Anecdotal evidence suggests that wearing pinhole glasses for 15 minutes a day can improve your vision naturally. This is explained by the theory that pinholes may encourage the ciliary muscles to become stronger, pulling the lens into the correct shape.

Test the concept right now. Make a fist and put it up to one eye, with the other eye closed. Open your fist just a miniscule amount, just enough to create a tiny hole to peep through. If you’re nearsighted, look in the distance. If you’re farsighted, look at some words close-up. Amazingly, you can now see clearly!

This mechanism – being able to focus and see clearly without glasses – may be responsible for relieving eye strain and exercising your natural vision, two key factors which may support your daily eye exercises.

How do Pinhole Glasses Work?

Pinhole glasses are a natural vision aid that can’t harm your eyesight. This is in contrast to prescription glasses and contact lenses which have been shown to make vision worse over time due to increased near point stress.

Contrary to their name, pinhole glasses are not made of glass. They are simply dark plastic glasses with holes punched through where the lens would normally be. So, how do pinhole glasses work?

The simplicity of pinhole eyeglasses is that they enable a much narrower beam of light to enter the eye. This allows the eye muscles to relax and focus the small beam of light more clearly onto the retina:

What Are Pinhole Glasses For?

With pinhole glasses you may be able to:

1. Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome – If you use computers a lot you will recognize the signs: eye strain, dry eyes, fatigue, headache, blurry vision and double vision. This is all down to intense near point stress. Pinhole glasses can reduce the glare from the monitor, help relax the eyes, increase depth of field, and increase your natural focusing power.

2. Relieve Eye Strain and Improve Your Vision – Nearsighted people can achieve relief from eye strain by wearing pinhole glasses. Wear them while watching TV or relaxing around the house and you will have clear long distance vision without any form of corrective lens. Some users report that wearing pinhole glasses for just 15 minutes a day can noticeably improve your vision in 4 weeks. Meanwhile, if you have farsightedness, simply read and write for 15 minutes a day with pinholes, and see if you can achieve better eyesight with this remarkably simple tool.

What Are Pinhole Glasses Like to Wear?

Most people adjust to wearing pinholes in a few minutes. You will be especially aware of the honeycomb effect at first (being aware of the holes) but this will lessen with time, eventually fading to a dark veil effect. You will also be able to enjoy clear vision instantly without the damaging effect of corrective lenses.

If you have severe nearsightedness (over -6.00 diopters) the honeycomb effect may not go away, so pinhole glasses may be too cumbersome. It is better to perform eye exercises until you reach -6.00 or less, then adopt pinhole glasses.

Pinhole eyeglasses may also help children with progressive myopia and those with special visual needs who rely too heavily on their peripheral vision. Again, this is a much cheaper option than glasses, and kids find pinholes much more fun.

buy-pinhole-glasses-onlineWhere Can I Buy Pinhole Glasses Online?

Pinhole glasses are usually only available at specialized retailers.

Promolife currently sells a range of pinholes including free shipping in the USA (international shipping is also available).

Their pinhole designs include St Barts, Saba, Cozumel and Tobago – learn more at the Promolife’s online pinhole glasses shop.

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