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Hi, I’m Agata, the new owner and author of Improve Vision Naturally.

I hope you find this site a useful source of information. If you have any questions, there are a number of routes you can take to find answers:

  • Common Questions
    If you have a question about eye exercises, see the Eye Exercises FAQ which answers all the basics and then some.
  • Self Doubts
    Many people want personal validation from me, which is humbling because I’m just an average Joe sharing my personal experiences.Often people say: “I know eye exercises worked for you, but will they work for me?” I liken this to saying: “Will a diet help me lose weight?”My answer is this: yes – if you put the effort in.Vision training is not a magic bullet but it does give you the tools and techniques to make a difference, provided you’re committed.

    So please remember I’m not an eye doctor and I can’t guarantee results, but I can share what I think are the best eye exercises available.

  • Weaker Glasses
    The creators of eye exercise programs often recommend wearing weaker glasses during vision training. For details of this see my article The Safe Way to Self-Prescribe (this is all covered in the course too). If you still have technical questions about weakening your prescription, please contact your eye doctor.
  • Technical Questions
    If you have any other question that is technical in nature or about the product itself, please make contact directly with Rebuild Your Vision. I’m not an employee of theirs, so I can’t answer questions about the product.
  • Stay Connected
    Get notified about new articles and post your thoughts on our Facebook page. I also have Twitter and RSS feeds to stay connected.

Best wishes,

Improve Vision Naturally


Improve Vision Naturally

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