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What is Vision Training?

What is vision training? Can it really be used to treat vision disorders like nearsightedness, farsightedness, aging vision and astigmatism? This article forms an introduction to vision therapy and the practice of eye exercises.

scientific-studiesWhat is Vision Training?

Also known as eye exercises or vision therapy, it is a way of reducing eye strain and encouraging the eyes to function better naturally without glasses or contact lenses.

The process aims to re-train the eye muscles and the brain to co-ordinate better. Each eye muscle exercise is simple at first, then become more difficult in order to test the full range and flexibility of the eye.

When Were Eye Exercises Invented?

Eye exercises was first created in the mid-1800s by eye doctors in England. The modern discipline developed in America in the 1920s. Some of the more basic eye relaxation exercises haven’t changed in all those years, while complex eye strengthening exercises have been amended by various vision training providers.

The pioneer of vision training was Dr William H Bates, MD, who theorized that most refractive errors are caused by overstressing the eye, and that prescription lenses only serve the stress the eye further and make vision even worse.

What Scientific Studies Support Eye Exercises?

There are many conclusions published in scientific peer-reviewed journals which help support the efficacy of vision training.

Journal of the American Optometric Association

Irwin B. Suchoff, O.D., and G. Timothy Petito, O.D. (1986)

“Symptoms were totally eliminated in 53% of the patients, reduced in 43%, and remained the same in only 4%. Therefore… an overall success rate of 96%… There is an impressive and increasing body of evidence attesting to the trainability of accommodative function.” (From a study of 96 patients with some type of accommodative dysfunction who had completed a vision therapy program.)

American Journal of Optometry & Archives of American Academy of Optometry Leon Hoffman, O.D. et al. (1973)

“(In a study that examined) the effectiveness of optometric vision training in certain types of visuomotor anomalies… The percentage of success was 90%.”

Journal of the American Optometric Association

Jimmy D. Bartlett, O.D. (1987)

“…the medical profession in general, and ophthalmology in particular, seems to be having more and more difficulty finding things to criticize about this important part of optometric practice.”

What Testimonials Support Vision Training?

There is also overwhelming anecdotal evidence from individuals who have used eye exercise programs to improve vision without glasses. More than 17,000 people have used the Rebuild Your Vision training program in recent years.

You can also read my testimonial on eye exercises here. My personal experience of natural vision improvement is what inspired me to make this website.

Will Vision Training Work For Me?

Here are some indications that vision training may benefit you:

  • Do you ever notice variations in your eyesight, day to day?
  • Do you ever blink and have sharper vision for a few seconds?
  • Do you find your vision becomes clearer in certain light conditions?

Each of these suggest that you may have simple eye muscle weakness, fatigue or co-ordination problems which can be fixed with standard eye exercises.

Even if you have aging vision problems (known as presbyopia) and your eyes are less flexible, there may still be an opportunity to improve vision without glasses.

The only eye conditions that are now known to be unaffected by eye exercises are more serious structural eye diseases like cataracts, glaucoma and retinopathy.

What Special Equipment Do I Need?

vision-therapy-toolsSome vision training courses supply the eye charts needed, although not all do. Rebuild Your Vision contains multiple training tools including:

  • The vision training workbook
  • Several laminated eye charts
  • A focus string
  • An eye patch

With Rebuild Your Vision you receive several digital bonuses – including a downloadable version which means you can start immediately. When your course arrives in the mail, it will provide all the equipment you need to embark on your own tailored vision training routine.

What Is Vision Training Like?

Vision training requires that you pay close attention to the precise nature of each eye exercise. Once you pick it up, Riley Dixon Youth Jersey it will become second nature.

Each day, you should spend a maximum of 20 minutes on a variety of focusing routines. The task is rounded off with 5 minutes of eye relaxation exercises, which is crucial for reducing any eye strain incurred during the routines.

improve-your-vision-with-eye-exercisesImprove Your Vision – Naturally

Eye exercises must be the best kept secret in optometry.

It’s a tragedy that we are brainwashed into wearing glasses (which studies show weaken vision over time) or having LASIK eye surgery (which comes with real risks like corneal damage).

Don’t give up on your eyesight just because you started wearing glasses all those years ago… start vision training today.

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